Terms of Photo Usage

As a rising photographer, I must protect my images from thieves and imposters. To do so, I have a set of rules one must follow while using this website or any of my photos.

All the photos on this website and Adoara’s social media accounts are of my own. I own the copyrights to my photos, videos, and materials. Any redistribution without my permission is prohibited. Rights Manage and Editorial Photo License is available for purchase.

Rights Manage image licensing is limited to advertisement and publishing. When you purchase an image for a specific medium, you are allowed to use if for that medium only for one year. If you wish to use it for another medium or for an additional year, you must purchase an additional Rights Manage image licensing.  You are allowed to use the photo or design multiple time for the specific medium you have purchased.  This license can be used worldwide and is non-transferable.

When purchasing the editorial image licensing, you understand that the image can only be used for non-commercial purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, news articles, blogging (website cannot sell a product), education, and non-commercial presentation. The image cannot be used for any commercial purposes such as advertising or promotions, or to receive fees from a third-party sponsor or endorsement (affiliate marketing or product influencing).

Purchasing a photo with the intent of creating posters, art prints, greeting cards, t-shirts, and other materials of the like to sell is prohibited. If there is a photo you wish to purchase as a single material (a t-shirt, pillow case, blanket, etc.) that is not currently available, contact me. I am more than happy to expand the market to meet customer needs.

You cannot resell the photo through another stock image provider. If you know someone who wishes to purchase the photo, you must provide that person with the link to my website or the location of the photo on stock image provider websites that I have uploaded to.

You cannot claim to be the photographer of the image if you purchase the image licensing.

You cannot claim to be the photographer of the image if you purchase the print or product.

You cannot house the image in an art gallery or a museum without my permission and my credit.

Lower resolution images provided on the site can be shared via social media if credit is given to the artist, me. This can be done by linking this website or its pages, mentioning my Instagram (c_adoara) or Facebook (cadoara) account. If you do not abide this rule and the image is discovered, I will contact the social media website to have the image taken down on your profile and further legal actions will be taken. This rule is voided if the image was purchased through an image licensing provider.

If you wish to publish an image in a book or magazine, please contact me. I may provide a discount and advertise the publication.

Photo prints, materials, and licensing are available for sale through multiple sources. These include Fine Arts America, Viewbug, and Pixels. On this website, the page for the photo will include where to purchase prints, materials, and licensing.

The Terms of Photo Usage can be added upon or changed at any time for clarification or legal matters. This current Terms of Photo Usage policy is valid starting July 2018.

If you have any questions or need clarification on the Terms of Photo Usage, feel free to contact me.